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LD23 – Nematode

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It’s the 10 year anniversary of Ludum Dare.  The perfect excuse to try and cram making a game into a weekend.   My entry this time round is even harder to play than normal but I do like the look of it.  I think there is something to the gameplay but that it could do with more refining.

This time round the theme is ‘Tiny Worlds’.  My tiny world is viewed through a telescope and populated by colourful Nematode worms.  The aim is to create worms with specific patterns by feeding them the right coloured food in the right order.  They have a habit of turning at the wrong time though or eating the wrong coloured food.


  1. Left click drops food.
  2. The colour of the next piece of food in shown in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. When a worm eats a piece of food that colour is added to the ‘front’ of their body.
  4. The worm you are trying to match the colours of is in the bottom left hand corner.
  5. Your score is shown on the left and the time remaining on the right
  6. Matching a worm gives you points and more time
  7. When the timer reaches zero it’s game over.


When worms get older / longer they die and make way for new worms.  Try to feed longer worms to get rid of them quicker to make way for smaller worms.

The sequence of colours must be in the correct order from front to back. If you have to create a match to a worm with a red head and blue tail first find a single blue worm.  Then feeding it one piece of red food will create a match.

The worms move at different speeds.  Try and find slower worms to feed for matches and try and get rid of fater worms by feeding them up quickly.

press ‘m’


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