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Do you Kodu?


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I don’t know much about Kodu as I’ve not used it myself.  What I do know is that It’s from Microsoft Research and runs at a slightly overkill 486.47fps.  Apparently It is an icon based game creation language interface aimed at children.  Teaching children to program is a good thing and what better inspiration than creating games.  It might be fun and hopefully inspirational but personally I’m sceptical about how much children will learn from this kind of approach.

Given how quickly my generation usurped the new digital world for ourselves I remember joking with fellow game developers about the next generation of coders making us look like dinosaurs.  If we could achieve all this with our meager 8bit upbringing just think what the next generation would achieve growing up on a staple diet of Internet connected super-computers.  Thankfully it never happened though and I’m still in a job (sort of).  The point has already been made about the advantages to developers of my generation of growing up with a computer you could program rather than a console you couldn’t.  The simple hardware (by today’s standards) made coding incredibly direct and therefore so much easier to understand.  You could actually see the individual pixels your code was changing.  Now you would have OS’s, API’s, SDK’s and many other barriers in your way.  Hopefully Kodu and other game creation tools will inspire kids to dig deeper and not just train them to use yet another piece of middle-ware.  Give me my trusty Atari 400 any day.

hey hey 16k what does that get you today?