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There’s a new craze in Town, well the playground anyway. GoGo’s Crazy Bones are part toy, part game and even part sticker collection. If you are lucky enough to find any for sale there are 3 plastic figures and 3 stickers in a 99p pack. The style of the figures borrows from that of vinyl toys. The main game borrows heavily from Schweinerei, aka ‘Pass the Pigs’ in that scoring is based on the positions figures land in. When playing there is the fight inducing option of the winner keeping one of the losers figures if they decided to gamble battle. Some schools have of course already banned them. A move which will have set the cava corks popping at Magic Box International HQ.

GoGo's Crazy bones

I managed to get hold of a couple of packs, the last two in the shop. I’m guessing from my meagre haul that yellow and blue are two of the more common colours.

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